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Cosmetic Surgery

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Cosmetic Surgery

Changing the need for a more deep and personal service that requires the complete trust of our patients, Omega Medical Hospital will be offering cosmetic surgery which entails surgical specialty involving the restoration, or alteration of the human body.  This will be administered by trained certified specialist, who will always have the patient’s best interest at heart, with the goal of improving one’s appearance, self-esteem, and self-confidence. 

 Cosmetic surgery can be performed on all areas of the head, neck, and body, because treated areas function properly but lack aesthetic appeal. Omega Medical will be offering services such as :

  • Breast Augmentation
  • Facelift
  • Hair transplantation
  • Rhinoplasty
  • Lip augmentation
  • Liposuction
  • Tummy Tuck

Whether you want to combat the signs of aging, change the shape of your nose or increase the size of your breasts, we have the solution:

  • world class physicians
  • Fully registered 
  • Comprehensive patient care and advice before and after surgery
  • Known for our friendly atmosphere and exceptional standards of care

Our cosmetic surgery department comprises of a team of highly qualified surgeons and experienced technicians, that has access to the latest technology available to operate with the use of minimal invasive cosmetic reconstruction techniques. Common procedures include facelift, rhinoplasty, liposuction, eyelid surgery, breast reduction, breast augmentation, breast lift, tummy tuck, body lift, hair transplant, laser resurfacing, laser hair removal, reconstructive surgeries such as tissue transfer and more . We take care of the patients’ aesthetic needs and provide them the best results along with complete safety and satisfaction.

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