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Rights and Responsibilities


  • Access to Care: Patients have the right to receive medical treatment and accommodations regardless of race, creed, sex, sexual or national origin.
  • Respect and Dignity: Patients have the right to be provided care in a considerate, dignified, and respectful manner, under all circumstances. Omega Medical Services is committed to respecting the psychosocial, spiritual, and cultural beliefs of everyone, and ensure we are compliant with their individual wishes as they relate to their illness and death.
  • Exercise of Rights: Patients have the right to be allowed to participate in the development and implementation of their care. It is their right to know their health status, and the planning of all treatment associated with their care. It is also their right to accept, request or refuse treatment or care, to the extent the law permits.


  • Compliance with Instructions: It is the expectation that patients, treated at Omega Medical Services, will comply with all instructions provided for their care.
  • Refusal of Treatment: Patients should be aware, if they refuse treatment or does not follow the instructions provided by the medical staff, they will be held responsible for their actions.
  • Facility Charges: It is the responsibility of all patients to ensure all financial obligations, associated with care received from Omega Medical Services, are fulfilled immediately.
  • Facility Rules and Regulations: Patients are expected to abide by all posted or established rules and regulations aligned with their care and conduct.
  • Respect and Consideration: It is the expectation that all patients receiving care at Omega Medical Services will uphold the following –
    • Show consideration for the rights of other patients,
    • Be considerate of the rights of the staff of Omega Medical Services,
    • Keep noise to respectable levels and limit the number of visitors or family members,
    • Respecting smoking policies posted on all grounds of the facility,
    • Respecting the property of Omega Medical Services and the personal property of others.

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