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• B. Sc Radiography & Diagnostic Imaging
• BLS Certification
• Licensure with the Council of Professions Supplementary to Medicine (CPSM)
• Good communication & Interpersonal Skills
• Willing to be formally trained in Sonography
• Open to continuous learning opportunities
• Open to mentoring
• Able to work efficiently and effectively with minimum supervision
• Able to accept and perform requisite job responsibilities
• Hardworking, organized, flexible and able to multi-task
• Computer/Technologically Savvy
• Must demonstrate professionalism behavior
• Excellent work ethic

Responsibilities– include, but not limited to:-

• Preparing examination rooms for patient procedures.
• Administering radiopharmaceuticals to obtain clear, usable images.
• Positioning patients and equipment, explaining the procedures, and ensuring patients’ comfort.
• Inserting commands and data into the computer to document and specify the scan sequences and monitoring the video display to adjust the density or contrast.
• Monitoring patients during examinations, ensuring their safety, and following procedures to prevent
unnecessary exposure to radiation.
• Producing diagnostic images, reporting important information to the Physician, and updating patients’ records.
• Organizing the daily procedure schedules for emergencies and monitoring radiographic supplies.
• Performing scheduled maintenance on radiographic equipment.

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