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X Ray


    • Be prepared to remove all jewelry in the area of interest
    • You may be asked to remove articles of clothing however a gown will be provided.

Skull/ Sinuses:

    • No braids are to be worn
    • Be prepared to remove jewelry in the area of interest.

Infant, Toddlers & Small Children:

    • For the best image possible, it may become necessary to immobilize them. We may have to
      utilize tools to help with this however, it would be great to have both parents or two assistants
      to help.


Day Before Examination:

  • In the morning you may have breakfast normally and a light lunch. Thereafter, clear fluids only
  • Take 2 Dulcolax tablets between 1p.m and 2p.m
  • Dissolve a pack of Epsom salts in 8nounces of water at 6p.m and have that.
    Day of Examination:
  • Have nothing to eat or drink

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